Mr. Self (born Zachary Braxton Self) is an American songwriter and music producer currently residing in Los Angeles, California. His unique blend of sound design, hard hitting beats, powerful vocals and smooth, thoughtful verses almost coina new genre he likes to call "cinema-hop".

"I see my songs more like movies. More like a journey than a set of looped divisions and progressions. I will often start a song in one genre and end in another. My ears and my gut tells me there's something unqiue and cool in that, so I've made it my thing. And being my own person helps me to not have to second guess breaking from convention…which is definitely my thing."

Today, Self has produced over 30 releases worldwide and continues to turn heads with his innovative style, bold sounds and crisp production techniques. In his spare time, he also composes and produces music for other up and coming artists as well as music for action film trailers.

His debut self-produced album I Am Mr. Self is out in all major online stores as he prepares for gigs this summer. Look for shockwaves from Mr. Self in 2014. Stay informed by following on Facebook or Twitter.